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Starting a Business

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So, you think that you may want to start your own business; you’re not alone, it is estimated that about 86% of Americans would like too, but very few ever do. You see, in the beginning, it is going to feel a little awkward and you’ll be uncomfortable, after all you’ve never done this before. […]

The Road to Success

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Like the movie, “It’s Complicated”, planning to go into business can be difficult and filled with uncertainty. One of the first decisions you will have to make is should it be an independent startup business or a franchise.  If you decide to go as a startup, you will be independent, but you will have to […]

New report finds franchises added nearly 31,000 jobs in April

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According to the most recent ADP National Franchise Report, franchises had another strong month of job creation with nearly 31,000 new private sector jobs added in April. This report comes on the heels of 30,772 new franchise jobs created in March. With these numbers, franchise job growth over the past 12 months continues to outpace […]