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George M. Vodin is the president and founder of Fancy Art, NFP, an art gallery and custom framing enterprise. The business was established in 1995 and has just recently begun franchising.

Framed art is in every home and office, it’s a multi-billion-dollar/ year industry; yet, there are very few outlets and most people have never done custom framing. We see this as a great opportunity; after all, we live in an image conscious society and if a picture is worth a thousand words, then people would like to have artwork that reflects their values and lifestyle. So, why haven’t more people done custom framing?  You see, it’s human nature that we enjoy doing things that are easy and fun and avoid doing things that are difficult and painful. Up until now, custom framing has been considered cumbersome and costly, but we are changing that mindset and in so doing, revolutionizing the industry.

Over the past twenty years, Fancy Art, NFP has developed concepts and innovations that set them apart. Art and custom framing is a fragmented industry, it involves many layers of middlemen, driving up the price and making it very expensive.

By streamlining the system and eliminating the inefficiencies Fancy Art, NFP has made it easy and enjoyable for its customers to create a personal masterpiece at a reasonable price. It’s like “Build-a-Bear Workshop” for grownups; people love it and they come back again and again.

Fancy Art, NFP has proven that if you give customers a greater selection and high quality at a lower price you will have a formula for success. We want to capture this huge untapped market that is waiting to be served. The Fancy Art, NFP video, shows how Fancy Art, *NFP meets the five essential criteria mentioned, but whether you choose this or something else, there is a franchise out there that will start you out on the right path and allow you to live your dream and take control of your own destiny; all you have to do is find it.

To learn more about franchise opportunities, please visit Fancy Art, NFP..