College Bound

Your Choice – Your Destiny
So you are preparing to go to college or perhaps you have already enrolled in a four year college
Have you considered the cost/benefit ratio?
Its impact on your future life?
Most young people today aspire to go to college, get a degree and live the American dream. Why not? You get to live away from home and establish your independence, you make new friends, you study hard and party harder. It’s all good, right?
Here are some facts to consider; at most four year colleges today, it can easily cost you over $100,000.00 to get your degree, but that’s OK because you can get a student loan, with low interest rates and you don’t have to start paying it back until after you graduate.
But wait! What if you don’t get a job and you have this looming debt hanging over you? Well, I guess that you can always go back and live at home with mom and dad; maybe they will foot the bill or maybe with no income you will have to declare bankruptcy. How is that going to look on your resume?
According to U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics. (2016). The Condition of Education 2016 (NCES 2016-144), of those seeking employment, between the ages of 20 to 24, twenty-four percent (24%) with some college, but who did not graduate are unemployed; of those who did graduate, eleven percent (11%) are unemployed.College employment graph

Further, those numbers do not include those who are under employed or who are not out actively looking for a job, if it did, the numbers would be much higher.
As you can see, for many, this presents a very difficult, if not unbearable situation; the only thing your college will give you upon graduation is a degree certificate, a handshake and wish you well, the rest is up to you.
So what’s the alternative?  Course Cirriculum
FranchiseYouNiversity is an online study course that will give you the knowledge you need to make smart business choices, open a business and build a future for yourself and your family. Perhaps your parents, rather than being buried in a mountain of debt, might like to start a business with you and help you build your American dream.
Here are some facts you should know about owning a franchise
First, there are over 4000 franchises to choose from, in just about every field of human endeavor, so you can pick something that you like doing and is rewarding. Unlike a startup, a franchise has a system that has been honed and proven in the marketplace, so that you can avoid making costly mistakes; consider SYSTEM an acronym for: Save Yourself Substantial Time Energy and Money. The franchisor will train you on how to utilize their system and allow you to utilize their trademark name, which will give you public awareness and recognition; most importantly after you start your business they will give you ongoing support, like a coach they will maximize your potential, because their success and yours are intertwined.

Finally, franchising is federally regulated, so before you make any commitment or are under any obligation, you will receive a Franchise Disclosure Document, that covers all aspects of the company, its history, methods, responsibilities - both yours and theirs, litigation, financials, even a list of all of their current and former franchisees.
All of this information and much more will be covered in the study course and the course is free, but the knowledge you will gain from it is priceless. To get a glimpse of what you will learn, here is an excerpt from one of the lessons, Five Essentials for Your Business Success
Don’t worry, after taking the course, if you decide that franchising isn’t right for you, you can always go back to attending college and see how that works out.      Here's a Better Option


Of all college graduates 35 years of age and older, 40% have never worked in the field that they got there degree in. Food for thought.

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