banner imageMost people would like to own a business and take control of their destiny, but very few ever actually do; the reason being, they feel that they lack the know-how and therefore lack confidence and have fear of failure. I wish I could tell you in a few short sentences what it takes to succeed, but the truth is that there are many lessons to be learned.
That is why we created, to give people the knowledge necessary to be decisive and make smart choices, to start a business and pursue their dreams. The course is free, but the knowledge you will gain from it is priceless; it will change your outlook and possibly your future. You can start today by viewing this short video about the course.

Course Curriculum

  •  Welcome to Franchise You-niversity (video)
  •  Franchise – What it is; is not
  •  Five Essentials for Business Success
  •  All You Have is Now (Video)
  •  Choosing a New vs A Name Brand Franchise
  •  1% versus 99% (Video)
  •  Due Diligence imperative to your success
  •  What is a System and why it is so important (video)
  •  Legal Aspects: Review of the Franchise Disclosure document & Agreement
  •  Financing Your Franchise Business
  •  A Dose of Reality – “Why Franchisees Fail”
  •  A Pinch of Inspiration
  •  Course Review and Final Exam
  •  Graduation Certification