Do You Need a College Degree to Succeed in Business?

Franchise YouniversityThere is a common misconception that in order to succeed in business, you need a college degree, but when you take a look at the facts, it tells a different story. At many colleges today, it will cost you over $100,000.00 to get a four year degree, college debt is over a trillion dollars, an amount greater than all personal credit card debt and default on student loan debt is at record highs, which leaves the average graduate, looking to enter into the workforce under a tremendous burden. Added to that, many times they are unable to find jobs in their chosen field and are relegated to taking part time work or no job at all
Buying a franchise is not that much different than attending college; in both instances you are paying to be educated in a particular field of endeavor. The difference being that upon completion of your studies at a college, they give you a diploma, a hand shake and wish you well; with a franchise, upon completion of your training, you receive a market tested system of operation for an income producing business enterprise, continued support and guidance, the use of their brand name and the opportunity to grow and expand with the franchise as it grows.
It’s said, “The choices we make in life are what we become”; so, it’s your choice, which do you think will be best for you?

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