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The Market:

Framed art is in every home and office, a multi-billion-dollar industry, it's an essential, more than likely in every room, yet although we live in an image conscious society, most people have never done custom framing because ....

The Problem:

When people think of custom framing, they think of something that is difficult, time consuming and painful (expensive). Most shops are very small, poorly merchandised with a limited selection and they utilize an antiquated distribution system with many layers of middlemen, each taking a profit, ratcheting up the price, so by the time it reaches the consumer it becomes very expensive.

The Opportunity:Model Gallery

Imagine if you took something perceived as being difficult & painful and made it fun & easy. Because we live in an image conscious society and this is an underdeveloped and underserved market sector there is a huge untapped market waiting to be served. Our patented and innovative concepts eliminate the waste and inefficiencies, we have made it fun & easy and when people discover that they can create a personal masterpiece at a reasonable price, it’s like “Build-a-Bear Workshop” for grownups, they love it and come back again and again. Visit our website

Industry Threats:

Many retail industries are in decline today due to E-commerce, however art & custom framing will not be diminished, because it is a touchy – feely thing; people want to see the textures, colors and proportion of size and you just can’t get a good feel of that from a computer screen. Another threat to many businesses and industries these days is product obsolescence, with the rapid rate of technology advancement, many products  are no longer needed and have become obsolete; this will never be true with art & custom framing, as long as we have living spaces, we will want and need wall décor. So, the only remaining threat then to our growth is “conspicuous consumption”, where we prove the market to the point that we become conspicuous and some big fish comes along and consumes us. This is why we wish to ramp up quickly and become the industry leader in this sector.

Scalability:Hub-n-Spoke Biz Model

Although this industry will never be taken over by the internet, we can utilize it to eliminate the waste & inefficiencies we talked about earlier and allow us to scale. We have created a hub-&-spoke business model. Our Order Management System makes it easy and fast for both the customer and the shopkeeper to take the order, then the order is transferred over the internet to a local hub where most of the work is done and then returned to the shop where the finishing touches are completed and delivery is made to the customer. In this way it means that each shop doesn’t need to buy or allocate space for a lot of expensive equipment so they can afford to be in a more upscale location; they also don’t need to have the learning curve or the employees necessary to do this work or stock the left over materials