Fancy Franchise Facts ARTiculated

Framed art is in every home and office, more than likely in every room, it is a big ticket item and we live in an image conscious society, yet it is the only industry left in America that is not mature and fully developed. So, why haven’t more people done custom framing? There are two reasons: 1) Typically artists are attracted to this field and as a group they are not very good businessmen, their shops are usually small, with a limited selection and poorly merchandised. 2) The industry utilizes an antiquated distribution system, made up of many layers of middlemen, each taking a profit and ratcheting up the price, so by the time it reaches the consumer it has become very expensive. It is for this reason that people think of custom framing as arduous, time consuming and expensive.
People don’t like doing things that are difficult and painful (think taxes), which is why Fancy Art, NFP created innovations and concepts that make picture framing fun & easy and once people discover that they can create a personal masterpiece at a reasonable price, it’s like “Build-a-Bear Workshop” for grownups , they love it and come back to repeat the experience again and again.Patented Racking System

Our patented racking system displays thousands of frame moulding samples when most shops have just a few hundred; it is out in the open, not behind a counter, so people can try different things until they get it just the way they want, to their taste and budget. This is very important, as attested to by a prominent behavioral psychologist Dan Ariely , people are willing to pay up to five times more for something they feel that they have created as opposed to buying something readymade.

Another innovation is that when the customer looks on the back of the frame moulding samples, in most shops it lists dollars per foot, so if they looked on the back of a frame sample and it said $20.00/ft or $30.00/ft it might be a turnoff from going any further; we use a barcoded number and tell our customers that the higher the first two digits, which can go from ‘01’ to ‘15’, the more expensive the frame moulding. So, let’s say you pick a frame moulding that is an ‘08’ and we scan it into our POS computer and the price comes out to a bit more than you wished to pay, you would just go back andHub-n-Spoke Biz Model pick another frame, perhaps a ‘06’ or a ’05, but it hasn’t scared you from proceeding further – it’s the same reason that they give you chips when you go to Las Vegas.           Lastly, our proprietary ‘Order Management System’ starts with a small handheld computer that makes it fast and easy to work with the customer; it has a large touchtone screen, instant on, qwerty keyboard, barcode scanner and it is portable, fast and powerful; we’ve had as many as 150 orders in it at one time and it is intuitive, depending on how you answer the questions it will branch off in different directions, bringing you to a successful conclusion. Once the order is taken, you ask the customer for their phone number and place the handheld in a cradle and the order is uploaded to the store computer where it creates an invoice and a hard copy of the order. If they have been a previous customer there information will auto fill, if not, you simply ask them to complete their contact information on
the work order and then collect the payment. After the customer leaves, you can update their record and double check the order for accuracy, then you simply push a button and the order is uploaded over the internet to the local hub where most of the work is done; the frame, the glass, matting, printing, etc are fabricated according to the order specification and then returned to the shop for finishing.      This means that the franchisee doesn’t have to buy a lot of expensive equipment or allocate space for that equipment, so they can afford to be in a more upscale location, they don’t have to have the learning curve to know how to do all of the different procedures, they don’t have to stock materials or worry what to do with the leftovers and they don’t have to have the employees that would normally be necessary to do that work and by funneling everything to a central source, it gives usPrice Comparison

 efficiencies and economies of scale that can’t be beat, and a competitive advantage  typically our prices are 20% to 50% less than the competition.

     So, here is what you can expect from your Fancy Art, NFP® franchise:

  • High profit margins
  • A wholesome work environment, surrounded by beautiful artwork and soft music
  • Dealing with a cultured clientele who appreciate the finer things of life and have the discretionary income to afford them
  • No matter how technologically advanced we become, as long as we have living spaces, we will want and need art on the walls, So this is one industry that will never become obsolete.
  • Framing art will never be taken over by E-commerce or the big box stores, because it is a touchy feely thing and customers want to see the colors, textures and proportion of size and you just can’t get a good feel for that on a computer screen.Model Gallery
  • An underserved market sector and since we live in an image conscious society, that means that there is a huge untapped market waiting to be served.
  • A competitive advantage – Our hub and spoke business model give us efficiencies and economies of scale that others can’t match, while still maintaining strong profit margins.

Here is a link to a short video interview we did with Franchise Expo that describes our concept in greater detail.

     To help you get started, we created Most people, would like to own their own business and take control of their destiny, rather than working for someone else, yet they never act on it, Why, because they don’t feel that they have the knowhow and therefore lack confidence and have a fear of failure. This is why we created FranchiseYouNiversity, to give you the knowledge you need to make smart business choices and avoid costly mistakes; to be able to move forward and pursue your dreams.

     The web study course is free, but the knowledge you will gain from it is priceless. We will look forward to your graduation and taking the next step toward business ownership; if you have any questions along the way, please feel free to contact us at 1-877/FncyArt (362-9278