Do You Have What it Takes to be A Success in Business?

This short quiz will help you discover if you have the temperament and tenacity to become a business owner and if so, how to apply the new found knowledge gained from this course to a field which you are best suited for.
Each of us has certain innate abilities and aptitudes and if we can determine what we are best at, this Self Evaluation Quiz will help to determine in which areas you will excel; it will help in determining your business aptitude. Upon completion of the quiz, based on the results, you will be notified if you have been accepted to FranchiseYouNiversity and a copy of the results will be Emailed to you.

Below you will find 40 statements. Indicate with numbers 1 - 5, the extent to which each statement applies to you. This can be:
1) Not Very               2) Just a Little               3) Somewhat               4) Ordinarily               5) Very

Do not take too long to answer a question. The more honest you are, the more reliable your results will be.
You must answer all statements.

    Self Evaluations

    1. Calm

    2. Follower

    3. People-person

    4. Decisive

    5. Free

    6. Double-checker

    7. Quick

    8. Mild

    9. Earnest

    10. Rebel

    11. Traditional

    12. Paced

    13. Self-assured

    14. Outgoing

    15. Modest

    16. Passive

    17. By-the-book

    18. Authoritative

    19. Contemplative

    20. Adaptable

    21. Gregarious

    22. Meditative

    23. Flexible

    24. Fast-paced

    25. Methodical

    26. Talktative

    27. Relaxed

    28. Agreeable

    29. Conservative

    30. Restless

    31. Quiet

    32. Action-oriented

    33. Take-charge

    34. Yielding

    35. Hasty

    36. Introspective

    37. Independent

    38. Eloquent

    39. Assertive

    40. Composed

    If you have any problems completing the questionnaire please contact us at: or call us at 1-877/362-9278..