What Next

You wake up on Monday and after 20 years of getting up, dressed, reading the paper, kissing the wife goodbye and heading off to work you are faced with no place to go. You are out of work due to corporate downsizing. Now what you ask yourself? What is going to be my next step?
You go down to the traditional path which looks like this…
• 1st month – Shock and awe. You can’t believe what just happened!
• 2nd month – You exhaust all your colleague and friends who said they want to help you, but can’t do much at this time.

• 3rd month – hit the internet hard. Linked-in, Facebook, Indeed, Monster, Career builders. You find yourself floating in cyberspace.
• 4th month – Internet and networking become your routine. The good news is that you have time to get those projects done around the house that your wife has been waiting for.

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut routine and not see the opportunities that surround you.
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